Economy & Jobs

A wonderful place to live. A prosperous place to work.

It’s only fitting that a town so full of good company be home to so many great businesses.

Because of our location, supportive local government, excellent labor force and educational infrastructure, Holland is a place where businesses come to grow and prosper. Today, our economic foundation spans several industries and includes an impressive array of breakthrough initiatives and forward-thinking companies.

Forecasting strength.

West Michigan and Holland have a history of success, boasting a solid economic base that is competitive in the global market. While certain markets struggle in the U.S., we view financial ups and downs as the reality of competition. That being said, businesses in the Greater Holland area compete fiercely well. Our workforce is skilled, our work ethic is respected and our future prospects are strong.

Diverse economy. Diverse employment.

Holland offers many career options. Whether you are looking to grow your career in health, education, engineering, design, hospitality, or food sciences, you will find career opportunities here. In addition to the varied fields, the area is also home to both global and small businesses.

Mainstream Midwestern.

Industrious. Hardworking. Fun. That’s a Hollander in a nutshell. We’re honest people who value community and believe in working hard to do a job really well. In addition to having one of the nation’s best workforces, we’re also home to some of the most creative professionals in the business.

A good education goes a long way.

Education is paramount to success. And with Hope College, Grand Valley State University, Davenport University and Grand Rapids Community College all having campuses in and around Holland, our residents grow and expand their careers through these and other universities.

That's the entrepreneurial spirit.

Many of larger corporations in Holland began as small businesses operating out of a garage. Holland is a business friendly area. We offer support and growth opportunities for businesses of any size and interest. Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and Lakeshore Advantage are two prominent agencies that have helped many businesses grow and prosper.

The value of a strong network.

Part of having a successful career is being well-connected. In Holland, there are countless opportunities for professionals to come together and learn from each other and share their experiences. Local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, the Holland Young Professionals, Rotary Club of Holland are just a few ways to get connected.